Advanced Learning Program

For equine professionals who have an aptitude and desire to work with individuals and groups in a personal development setting

Three weekend format

The HEAL Advanced Learning Program (ALP) provides education and support for a variety of professionals seeking to apply the HEAL model of Equine Facilitated Learning in their own coaching or teaching practice. This 3-weekend course prepares participants to facilitate horse activities for experiential learning, helping clients increase relational ability, emotional well-being, self-awareness and empowerment.

The HEAL model of EFL relies on the neurology of mammalian social bonding, a powerful drive in both humans and horses. HEAL exercises help humans create a bond of safety and understanding with the horse, by enhancing their innate capacities for connection. The course will help participants design an effective learning experience for non-clinical population of youth or adults, in either group or individual learning settings.

Students develop their understanding of facilitation skills, emotional and physical safety for human and horse participants, and the utilization of equine exercises and activities for the population that they serve. Program size is kept small to allow for individual guidance and support for implementing the HEAL model in a variety of settings.

“The HEAL model training program helped me integrate my knowledge in a new way. It was really a “learning by doing” process, and I had a lot of personal growth in the period of the training program. I am very grateful for this.” Belinda Kvalvik, Norway, HEAL FTP 2017

Application Criteria

  • A Bachelors degree, or equivalent education/certification in an area related to human development or social support, or in equine studies
  • At least 3 years of recent and regular horse experience, with an emphasis on ‘relationship before performance’
  • Demonstrated experience working with your intended target customer

Prerequisite: Attendance in a HEAL Keys to Connection 3 day workshop or 8 hour private intensive with a HEAL Trainer.

Program Outline

  • Weekend 1: Foundation building: HEAL model overview and mindfulness practices
    Setting individual goals for the program
    Keys One and Two: Theory, application and practice
  • Weekend 2: Evening of Reconnecting; Understanding the Horse as co-facilitator
    Keys Three and Four: Theory, application and practice
  • Weekend 3: Evening of Reconnecting; Designing your Program
    Keys Five and Six: Theory, application and practice

In each of the breaks between weekends, students will have a consultation call with one of the instructors to help support the application of their learning in their individual practice or program. There are also reading and writing assignments throughout the course.

I am an LCPC and have been through the Keys to Connection workshop and the Facilitator Training Program and LOVED both! I feel this equine therapy certification is multifaceted and beneficial for all populations from low to high functioning. I have been certified for a few years now and my practice is thriving with this method!” Julie Kiewatt, Montana, HEAL FTP 2016

Upcoming Advanced Learning Programs

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