HEAL Newsletter Winter 2019

Greetings for the new year! It has been a quiet season for HEAL. Just as winter holds the promise of seeds not yet coming to form, there are ideas in the making for new growth with HEAL programs in the US that are in a resting phase as we honor the changes in the location […]

Meet the 2017 HEAL Grads – HEAL Winter Newsletter

Hello friends and readers, thank you for opening our letter! Welcome to a New Year, and our first quarter HEAL Newsletter! In the News from HEAL we feature our 2017 graduates of the HEAL FTP Facilitator Training Program (FTP) held in Norway! You’ll enjoy reading about the individuals who formed our latest cohort, and how […]

Horses, herd instinct, attachment – and the HEAL Model of EFPL

By Leigh Shambo, LPCC, HEAL Founder and Director In the last few years, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find articles found in equestrian journals that focus on the importance of “attachment” in the horse’s psyche.  The term “attachment” (for family bonding) is a term from the study of human psychology.  Until recently, some horsepeople still […]

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Meet HEAL Facilitator Judith Kay

Meet HEAL Facilitator Judith Kay (HEAL class of 2009), and her miniature horses Peanut and Little Juan (L.J. for short).  Judith is a tutor for children and adults contending with a emotional, learning or behavior challenges.  I am always inspired by Judith’s simple yet brilliant implementation of the HEAL Six Key Model, and I am […]

Personal update from HEAL Founder & Therapist, Leigh Shambo, LPCC

It wasn’t always easy, but together David and I did it! Two and a half years ago, we decided to “semi-retire,” and we moved from my long-time home in rural Washington State, to the even more rural Eastern Sierra town of Bishop, CA. It was hard to part with my good friends – thank goodness […]

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In Memory of Mike

Written by Leigh Shambo HEAL Facilitator Matney Cook lost a beloved friend, also a guide and colleague in her EFL practice, when her horse Mike peacefully and naturally left this world January 27th. I knew Mike too, and I know he touched so many lives, and changed Matney’s life in profound ways.  I’m sorry for […]

HEAL News August 2015 -HEALing with horses: the ripple effect

Hello HEAL students, friends and colleagues! Welcome, and thanks for your interest in equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning.  The HEAL Newsletter brings you informative and inspiring information relevant to our mission,  “the healing of human emotions and relationships, through learning with horses”. On behalf of HEAL’s clinical and teaching team, this issue shares our excitement about […]

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HEAL’s Frieda: A Life Well Shared

Greetings gentle friends of HEAL, Today’s news from HEAL is especially personal to me. Those readers who have visited HEAL for sessions or workshops will remember Frieda. Even if you never met Frieda, perhaps her eulogy will help you grasp the dimensions, the layers of intelligence regarding humans, and the tremendous heart that psychotherapy horses […]

HEAL Facilitator Training & workshops

Along with our other news today, I have an important reminder for those readers interested in the 2015 HEAL FTP – our biennial certification training program for EFPL. Early bird pricing is still in effect for the remainder of the calendar year, saving you over 5%. There is still time to apply! Contact Leigh directly […]

HEAL News Nov 2014: EFPL still “alternative”

HEAL to broaden reach, expand Facilitator Training It’s been an exciting summer!  In addition to our move from Washington to California, HEAL is expanding! Join me in welcoming three HEAL Designated Instructors:  Drea Bowen, Kristin Fernald and Brigette Potgeiter. These talented EFPL professionals  are broadening HEAL’s reach and adding depth to clinical application of the […]

“A journey of 1000 miles…

…begins with a single step”, according to the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu.  Everyone’s heard that.   But guess what? It’s almost exactly 1,000 miles from Chehalis WA (my former home of 25 years) to Bishop CA (east-central CA, near Nevada), my new home.  An avalanche of changes and challenges on every level – how did […]

The Listening Heart is Here!!!

Wow… we thought this day would never come!!! Thanks to my A-TEAM: David Young, Ricki Martin, Catherine Madera, and so many others!  Please enjoy this sneak peek at chapter one!!! You can order The Listening Heart from the HEAL website, CreateSpace, Amazon.com, and Amazon Europe (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, and Amazon.es).

My 180 Year

I call 1988 the year of my 180. I was 30 years old and my goals at the time were simple: build my skills and reputation as a horse trainer and riding instructor. I was willing to work hard to succeed in an equestrian career. I loved horses and they had been my refuge, a […]

The Six Key Progression

The following excerpt is a compilation of vignettes included in each chapter of The Listening Heart used to illustrated the progression through HEAL’s Six Keys to Relationship. For this client, as with other case illustrations in this manual, I have changed the name and the session details to protect the privacy of the client.   It […]

Partners in Healing: Highly Social Mammals

How can a connected relationship with the horse help the client heal? The answer lies deep within the mammalian brain, in the brain’s limbic system and its body-based partner, the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The limbic system is a set of related structures found in the mid-brain of humans and other mammals. It is located […]