HEAL-Advanced EFPL Certification For Human Equine Alliance Facilitator Training

Heal-Advanced EFPL Certification (Silver)

HEAL-ALPS Advanced Learning Professional Series – (silver) EFPL Certification   is awarded  to professional Therapists, Counselors, and professional Educators including coaches, who complete all of the modules – a series of 10 with associated assignments and mentoring in all aspects for providing and guiding a client’s therapy or educational course with the HEAL Model™.   The coursework is taken online with HEAL founder Leigh Shambo, and significant equine experiential learning experience is completed at home with close mentoring.  This is a mid-level certification from HEAL taking from 3-5 months to complete; ALPS graduates are listed on the HEAL website and are “HEAL-certified facilitators”.

  • Course individually guided by Leigh Shambo, 
  • In 7 Modules, with experiential homework to be completed with your horses (students need to have access to horse or horses, at a suitable site).
  • Most students complete a Module each week, in a 90-minute class, though the pacing is flexible to fit student’s need or schedule
  • Cost is $840, payment plans available (to pay by module for $125 per Module, or in 2 payments)
“Keys to Connection” Online Course;
7 Two-hour modules with ‘hands on’ homework AND personalized mentorship & feedback

This 7-module course (usually completed in 2-6 month time frame)  provides an in-depth cognitive and experiential grasp of the HEAL Model, with its “Six Keys to Relationship.” Based on our popular 3-day workshop, it is open to  professionals, personal growth and horse lovers, who can complete the experiential horse activities on their own.  Each module is comprised of 2 separate video class sessions,  with the experiential horse work done by the student in between. Mentoring of sessions is enabled by the 2nd conference and student write-ups.  Students receive a complimentary copy of “The Listening Heart” by Leigh Shambo in addition to course learning materials. Total 14 hours of instruction including mentoring and support for experiential exercises. Certificate of completion issued when course is finished.


Online course 7 Modules Keys to Connection : $840.

In-person workshop 3 Days Keys to Connection, $875

(you may pay $275 deposit, with $600 balance due prior to workshop start)

“The weekend was life-changing for me; it’s been a long time (forever) since I cried as much and laughed as deeply as I did that weekend.”