HEAL-Facilitator Level EFPL Certification For Human Equine Alliance Facilitator Training

HEAL-Basic EFPL Certification (Bronze)

HEAL-Basic (bronze) certification* is awarded to candidates who have credentials as a helping professional or horse specialist, AND who successfully complete all hours and exercises in the HEAL foundational course Keys to Connection.  The course may be taken on-line or in-person, comprises 21 hours or more of instruction plus experiential exercises in the HEAL model.  This is an entry-level certification and is a certificate of completion; it does not imply an endorsement from HEAL and those who complete the course are not listed on the HEAL website.
*The Keys to Connection Course, taken in person or on-line, is a prerequisite for the advanced trainings ALPS or FTP.

  • Course individually guided by Leigh Shambo, 
  • In 7 Modules, with experiential homework to be completed with your horses (students need to have access to horse or horses, at a suitable site).
  • Most students complete a Module each week, in a 90-minute class, though the pacing is flexible to fit student’s need or schedule
  • Cost is $840, payment plans available (to pay by module for $125 per Module, or in 2 payments)

Consultation in Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy.  Answer your questions about certification for equine- facilitated or assisted- therapy and education.  You’ll find help and support for refining your vision and developing your practice!  You can also schedule an overview of the HEAL Model of EFPL in a  1-hour video-conference, which  includes ‘homework’ to try with your own horse!


Scheduled at your convenience, an informative Zoom conference on the HEAL Model!  It’s a brief but comprehensive overview of HEAL and the 6 Keys to Relationship.  Taught personally by Leigh Shambo, founder of HEAL and author of the book “The Listening Heart; the limbic path beyond office therapy“.  Includes practice ideas and suggestions for building a stronger bond with your horse. Open to all.

Price: $99 for individual; discounts apply when provided to a group of up to 4 learners.