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Try one of HEAL’s popular courses & trainings in the US and other countries. Find our in-person workshops, when available, here.

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After 15 (well-reviewed!) years of in-person EFPL Certifications & Trainings, Leigh Shambo has grown the HEAL Model’s strength and possibilities yet again by developing the first Online Trainings for EFPL.

HEAL Online Trainings

New On-line HEAL courses, taught personally by HEAL Founder Leigh Shambo [available year-round] are economical and travel-free. Best for students who have their own horses to work with. Course modules consist of face-to-face video conferences, with a mix of presentations and individualized discussion & practical applications of methods. Participants must have adequate internet connection, and access to horses in a quiet, safe setting to complete the HEAL therapeutic/learning exercises.

About HEAL Educational Offerings Online

  • All on-line programs will be arranged by private contract with HEAL Founder & Director Leigh Shambo.   leigh@humanequinealliance.com or 760-873-8980
  • Every effort will be made to tailor the schedule and timing of modules to participant convenience.   In group classes, sessions will be recorded for viewing in case of a missed session. The schedule may be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.
  • For individuals, entire tuition may be paid in advance; or paid by the module.
  • Group discounts (10% each for 2; 20% each for 3; 30% each for 4) require that the group is registered and paid in advance for all the program sessions. Payment and cancellation policies may be found on HEAL website.
  • HEAL assumes no responsibility or liability when students work with their own horses/clients/students using the HEAL material, even when the student becomes certified as a HEAL Facilitator.

Intro HEAL Class Online

“HEAL Model Mini” An Overview of the HEAL Model of EFPL in
7 One-Hour Sessions, with ‘hands on homework’ to do with your own horse

This informative video course on the HEAL Model is open to all, and is roughly equivalent to material covered in HEAL 1-day seminars. But this is even better because it is self-paced learning, delivered in 7 separate interactive video seminars. Participants receive instructions for experiential exercises to employ with their own horse(s) for each course segment. Although No certificate is given for this introductory course, handout materials are included for student use in this EFPL Training webinar series.

Price: $350 for individual; discounts apply when provided to a group of up to 4 learners.

“I have explored other models but am extremely grateful to have found the HEAL method. I appreciate the clinically sound aspects of this model but even more, I appreciate the integrity with which it is written, taught and implemented.”

~C. Curry, Montana

Open To All! The Experiential HEAL Model™ Foundation Course

“Keys to Connection” Online Course;
7 Two-hour modules with ‘hands on’ homework AND personalized mentorship & feedback

This course provides greater experiential depth on the HEAL Model with its “Six Keys to Relationship” and the core exercises. It is open to all persons (professionals, personal growth or horse lover) who are able to complete the experiential exercises with horses at their own site. The material, and exercises covered, make this an on-line equivalent to the most popular HEAL 3-day workshop. The course is delivered in 7 separate modules, each comprised of 2 separate class sessions to guide and support the experiential horse work done at the participant’s home site. Mentoring of sessions is enabled by student write-ups and the addition of a photo journal or video clips when possible. Students receive a complimentary copy of “The Listening Heart’ by Leigh Shambo in addition to course learning materials. Total 14 hours of instruction including mentoring and support for experiential exercises. Certificate of completion issued when course is finished.

Price: $700 for individual; discounts apply when provided to a group of up to 4 learners.

“The weekend was life-changing for me; it’s been a long time (forever) since I cried as much and laughed as deeply as I did that weekend.”


HEAL Advanced Learning Professional Series (ALPS)

Application is required for this professional-level certification training. The Keys to Connection curriculum is a prerequisite, as the ALPS course will focus mainly on the “how-to” of facilitating the core progression of exercises in this model, and how to tailor them for various populations, for instance children or teens. Working with groups when using the HEAL model will be a main theme. The course consists of 10 separate modules, with a focus on the skills needed for EFPL facilitation, using the HEAL core exercises. Additionally, participants will receive mentoring, feedback and support for practice sessions (with a client or volunteer at their site with their own horses). Mentoring of sessions is enabled by student write-ups which may include photo/video. There are scholarly readings assigned relating to the practice of EFPL. Completion earns the designation “HEAL Certified Facilitator,” along with a listing on the HEAL website. As an added bonus, participants receive a year of follow up mentoring and support! A total of 30 hours of course instruction, up to 10 hours of mentoring, and facilitation skills for a full complement of EFPL exercises.

Price: $2500 for individual; discounts apply when provided to a group of up to 4 learners.

“I wanted to express again what a wonderful weekend it was at the workshop! It was so great to come together with like-minded people, willing to try and embrace our ‘authentic selves’ and explore what it means for each of us.”

~J. Mitchell

Please, call or email for more information! I’m ready to make your custom reservations so that you can have the course of your dreams, from the comfort of home! Sincerely, Leigh Shambo, HEAL Founder 

HEAL On-Site, In-person Courses and Training

HEAL’s popular courses and trainings, offered in the US and other countries for over 15 years, have received consistently positive reviews for over 15 years.

On-site trainings held by HEAL Designated Instructors will be listed here when available. The trainings listed offer a standard HEAL curriculum, facilitated by designated HEAL instructors. Inquiries and registration will be handled by the lead instructor for each workshop. Contact them directly for information on workshops.

Note: It may be possible to arrange a HEAL workshop in your area if you have a suitable site and are willing to organize a group of learners.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:  This policy applies only to programs that are organized by HEAL and Leigh Shambo directly. Other designated instructors are responsible for their own registration policies including cancellations and refunds.  Registration fees for HEAL/Leigh Shambo services are fully refundable if the sessions are cancelled by HEAL/Leigh Shambo.  Registration fees for future sessions, paid in advance, are fully refundable if cancellation is made within 48 hours of said session.  For late cancellations a fee of 50% of the session cost may be assessed.

** At this time there are no schedulings for in-person class workshops.**