HEAL EFPL Testimonials

Reviews From Our Graduates

“I have never felt more welcomed and at home at a workshop. The generosity of spirit of Leigh, David and the HEAL staff was contagious.” ~ Brigette P.


“You model all that is good about facilitation, an open non-judgmental presence combined with gentle guidance and boundaries at just the right time.” ~ Linda N.


“I hope Leigh never stops offering this workshop.  It can give fearful riders their passion back, a very joyous and precious gift.  Leigh Shambo knows what she is doing.  She provides a safe environment to explore fear and the skills to move forward at your own pace.  She is a highly talented horsewoman who understands with split second timing the messages horses- and fear- have for us.  I’ll also say this, by the end of the riding portion on the last day I didn’t want to get out of the saddle!”   ~ Anonymous


“I felt I could be totally honest about my feelings and be completely accepted…the horses seem to know just what is needed.”   ~ J.L.


“It’s difficult to know how to say THANK YOU for the weekend.  I am so grateful for your compassion and guidance.”   ~ Cynthia


“It was brilliantly facilitated by Leigh- who gave a wonderful blend of theory, practical sessions, role modeling, acceptance, trust, rapport, and just enough magic to leave me feeling I had been to a special place, on an amazing journey, and met some wonderful souls.”   ~ Kris


“The weekend was life-changing for me; it’s been a long time (forever) since I cried as much and laughed as deeply as I did that weekend.”   ~ Vanessa


“How does one adequately thank someone for a positive life-changing experience?  I have come to the conclusion that horse people have special souls, special spirits.”   ~ Joan


“My horse and I took a giant leap forward in our relationship after spending valuable time with Leigh.”   ~ Cathy P.


“I am grateful, for myself and all beings, that you followed your dream and are doing the work you do.”   ~ C. Andrews


“Leigh is a skilled facilitator and teacher.  She created a very safe and open environment for learning.  She guided us with warmth, clarity, and perceptiveness to experience what was true for each of us in our relationship with horses.”   ~ K. Fernald


“I would encourage anyone, no matter the experience with horses or not, to come and become an authentic being.”   ~ J. Trodahl


“Life changing!”  ~ A. Sloan


“It gives you a new outlook on how to approach problems in general- both at work and home life.”   ~ A. Midial


“Leigh is great as an adviser, advocate, teacher and guide.  Thank you for giving us such a safe place to explore ourselves.”   ~ C. Cambarer


“We were encouraged to think ‘outside the box’.”   ~ C. Mohan


“Magnificent job creating a safe and open environment and opportunity to step into our power and our light with energy and grace!”   ~ J. Case Koerwitz


“Thank you again for your generous sharing/teaching with me.  I feel like I got more than I imagined.”   ~ L. Silver


“I can’t emphasize enough how important it was to be able to experience first hand the interaction with other participants and horses in round pen activities.  You can’t get that from reading a book, it has to be felt.”   ~ S. Reid Boe


“The course was so well facilitated that it made me comfortable immediately.”   ~ S. Mitchell


“I urge any man wanting to discover, rediscover, or play with the inner child to take the journey that culminates in the opportunity to ‘Dance with Horses’.”   ~ S. Cole


“I wanted to express again what a wonderful weekend it was at the workshop!  It was so great to come together with like-minded people, willing to try and embrace our ‘authentic selves’ and explore what it means for each of us.”   ~ J. Mitchell


“Thank you very much for another wonderfully powerful and magical weekend. (…) Nothing has been so changing/life giving as these workshop weekends. The horses take the place within ourselves that little else can accomplish. And you bring the most amazing gifts of being present in a loving, supportive and non-judgmental way.  It has been the gifts of you blended with the horses that has created a safe enough space to feel stuff not previously felt and stuff too scary to explore. (…) I am grateful for the gift of your presence in my life.  It is an honor to have you as a mentor and friend.”   ~ C. Andrews


“The process felt warm, safe and deeply humane… I feel very full and inspired! Thank you for leading the workshop with skill and grace!”    ~ L. Slate


“Invaluable “feels”… I was able to learn visually, auditorially and kinesthetically. I enjoyed your well thought out and articulated ideas.”   ~ L. Silver


“It was the most intimate riding I have ever done.  The magical enchantment of it all stays in my heart, and feeds my soul.”   ~ J. Camberari


“I was able to keep developing the skills gained in the workshop over the days and weeks following…  and developed robust enough tools to keep up the work.”   ~ S. Lorenson