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Along with our other news today, I have an important reminder for those readers interested in the 2015 HEAL FTP – our biennial certification training program for EFPL. Early bird pricing is still in effect for the remainder of the calendar year, saving you over 5%. There is still time to apply! Contact Leigh directly for the application form, or to answer questions – leigh@humanequinealliance.org   Applications for partial scholarships based on financial need, will become available after January 1st.   Any accepted candidate may apply for a partial scholarship.

What is HEAL FTP? A 5-month long experiential training program, for qualified psychotherapists, counselors, and educators who wish to incorporate work with horses into their practice or curriculum. This certification program consists of two full weeks of on-site training (at Raven Rock Ranch, in Redmond WA), along with 4 ½ months of distance learning which includes both theoretical exploration of EFPL and actual EFPL practice sessions.   With this foundation of experience, theory and support in building or deepening an RFPL practice, we’re proud of the feedback from our graduates.

‘Participating in the HEAL Facilitator Training Program has been one of the most transformative, profound, and enjoyable experiences of my life so far… As a result of the training I am able to offer EFL courses to some of the largest youth agencies on the Island.’
Hannah Clarke, Jersey, UK

‘My training at HEAL has allowed me to integrate over 20 years of clinical work as a psychologist with this powerful ability horses have, discovering new and rich ways to help others heal emotional and developmental injuries.’
Eric Mueller, PhD, Portland, OR, USA

Human-Equine Alliances for Learning (HEAL) has developed one of the most clinically useful models of equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning (EFPL), as described in the book The Listening Heart by HEAL founder Leigh Shambo, MSW, LPCC. The HEAL model, with a core progression built around Six Keys to Relationship, is especially adapted for complex trauma and overlapping clinical issues; it is also suitable as a curriculum for educational or coaching interventions. Plus, HEAL offers a ‘research ready’ model, which has already achieved promising results in small quantitative and qualitative research pilots.

If you would like to discover the HEAL Model for yourself, sign up for an intensive or a workshop with a HEAL Designated Instructors Kristin, Drea, Brigette or with Leigh. Personalized sessions and intensives available year round, weather permitting!


Our HEAL: Keys to Connection workshops resume in the spring. Other events will be added as they become available:

HEAL: The Keys to Connection: is 3-day personal growth workshop, designed to teach the ‘Six Keys to Relationship’ is both experiential and personally transformative experiential workshop, open to FTP candidates as well as the general public.

HEAL-Certified Facilitator Jeanette Lysell, Norway
HEAL-Certified Facilitator
Jeanette Lysell, Norway

3-day Keys to Connection: April 17, 18, 19th
Location: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area)
Drea Bowen, BCC www.dreabowen.com
Brigette Potgeiter, LCSW

3-day Keys to Connection: April TBA
Location: Raven Rock Ranch, Redmond, WA
Facilitator: Kristin Fernald, MA, LMHC www.kristinfernald.com



News from the world of EFPL research and clinical study: Norway


Finally, you might want to see what’s up with EFPL in Norway – an informational segment on the horse-assisted therapy program directed by Jeanette Lysell, a graduate of HEAL 2013.   Jeanette’s colleague Ann Kern, an EFPL researcher, talks about the results of research performed at Olso University Hospital Addictions Treatment Program. Thanks to Ann for her tireless efforts to improve the state of EFPL research world-wide!  Enjoy the video clip!


Happy holidays and hope to see you at HEAL in the New Year!

Sincerely, Leigh