This workshop is for anyone interested in equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning (EFPL), for personal and/or professional benefit, including horse owners wanting to deepen their understanding of the horse-human bond.

The HEAL Model™ of EFPL is an experiential learning model, based on scientifically validated principles from the fields of neuroscience and psychology (human and animal). Horses, as social mammals, are surprisingly similar to humans in terms of their relational needs to not only survive, but thrive. Through ground-level activities with these sentient beings, six core skills for enhancing self-awareness and interpersonal well-being will be explored. No horse experience necessary

We will begin each day with class-based learning, followed by activities with the horses that engage each “Key to Relationship”. We will conclude each day with time for shared experiences and

HEAL’s Six Keys:

  1. Body awareness: emotions as information
  2. The boundaries ARE the relationship
  3. The Divided Self – uncovering the effects of social incongruence and self-judgment
  4. Yin and Yang. Leadership – setting goals – balancing assertiveness with sensitivity
  5. The Art of Imagination: allowing super-positive outcomes
  6. The Successful Social Brain: Authenticity and acceptance

Upcoming Keys to Connection Workshops

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