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The Listening Heart is Here!!!

Wow… we thought this day would never come!!! Thanks to my A-TEAM: David Young, Ricki Martin, Catherine Madera, and so many others!  Please enjoy this sneak peek at chapter one!!! You can order The Listening Heart from the HEAL website, CreateSpace,, and Amazon Europe (,,,, and

My 180 Year

I call 1988 the year of my 180. I was 30 years old and my goals at the time were simple: build my skills and reputation as a horse trainer and riding instructor. I was willing to work hard to succeed in an equestrian career. I loved horses and they had been my refuge, a […]

The Six Key Progression

The following excerpt is a compilation of vignettes included in each chapter of The Listening Heart used to illustrated the progression through HEAL’s Six Keys to Relationship. For this client, as with other case illustrations in this manual, I have changed the name and the session details to protect the privacy of the client.   It […]

Partners in Healing: Highly Social Mammals

How can a connected relationship with the horse help the client heal? The answer lies deep within the mammalian brain, in the brain’s limbic system and its body-based partner, the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The limbic system is a set of related structures found in the mid-brain of humans and other mammals. It is located […]