HEAL News Nov 2014: EFPL still “alternative”

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HEAL to broaden reach, expand Facilitator Training

It’s been an exciting summer!  In addition to our move from Washington to California, HEAL is expanding!

Join me in welcoming three HEAL Designated Instructors:  Drea Bowen, Kristin Fernald and Brigette Potgeiter.

These talented EFPL professionals  are broadening HEAL’s reach and adding depth to clinical application of the “Six Keys” model of EFPL.   HEAL offers a model of EFPL that can be applied with consistency, yet is flexible enough for diverse clients.  Our training is specifically tailored to the “lead” professional in EFPL – a qualified therapist, educator or certified and experienced coach.     Registration is now open for our 2015 Facilitator Training Program which will be held in Washington State, USA at Raven Rock Ranch.  Learn more about it in this issue!  You are also welcome to contact me personally!

Drea Bowen, BCC, HEAL DI – Washington
Kristin Fernald, MA,LMHC, HEAL DI – Washington
Brigette Potgieter, LCSW, HEAL DI- Pennsylvania
Leigh Shambo, MSW, LPCC, CEIP-MH, HEAL founder and President

Our newsletter is full of tidbits this month:  Leigh’s response to a very interesting research review; a short “Ted Talk” from neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp (see Good Reads and Links), and announcement of the site selected for the 2015 HEAL FTP.

As you’ll learn in this issue, it’s a critical time for the field of EFPL, which has become very broad, arguably at the expense of definition and depth. Read our response to the skeptics!  We at HEAL are satisfied that we have one of the strongest and most effective clinical models for EFPL –  and we are gratified at the feedback we receive from clinicians, from our referral sources, and of course from clients and participants themselves – the most important measure of clinical success.

If you are looking for a post-graduate EFPL certification training program, we hope you will look into the HEAL Facilitator Training Program.  Our next program begins in May and registration is now open.

Please feel free to share our Newsletter, and write to me with your suggestions and questions! I truly love to hear from readers.

Happy trails!  Leigh

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